Judy England-McCarthy
One Teller Many Stories
Here is a sample of an Author Day event. They are available live and live via zoom for schools, book clubs, libraries, and other groups who would like me to share the process of becoming an author with them. This talk was for students from 3rd to 5th grade. Can be adjusted and made appropriate for any age group.
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A natural born storyteller

Judy England-McCarthy has been creating & telling stories her whole life.

Judy has been a workshop facilitator since the late 1990s, with her professional career as a storyteller commencing in 2009. She is a member of several Storytelling Guilds and the National Storytelling Network. Her background also includes a published author & poet, RN, and Licensed Massage Therapist. 

As a storyteller, Judy was given the opportunity of performing two of her original tales at the National Storytelling Conference, in 2013 in-person and again in 2020 online. By the end of next year, she hopes to complete the animation of her children’s book, “Amazing Petunia’s Adventures.”

When telling Judy sprinkles elements of humor, wisdom, and originality. With a strong theatrical background, her stories physically come alive before your very eyes. Judy can be found performing at various venues throughout the tri-state area including libraries, schools, and festivals.

Now available for online performances & workshops anywhere in the world.

New Releases

Why, oh why, did a witch swallow a fly?

This book is a fun adaptation of a tried and true
story that has been entertaining children for years.
Though there are many versions of the “Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly” this is the first to question why. The black & white format and stylized simple illustrations make a refreshing visual change.

Adapting it to have a Halloween twist makes it a great book for the Trick-or-Treat season.

Twas Midnight

Twas Midnight is an original tale of rhyming verse
for the Halloween Season. The photo-like pictures
lend an interesting & unique quality to the book. Reading and sharing this with your children is a
fun way to get into the spirit of this festive holiday.

This is the author’s second children’s book and is enjoyable for people of all ages.  

Other Books
by the Author

Amazing Petunia's Adventures

As I opened one of the cardboard storage boxes I came across a different sort of puppet. It fit on your head instead of your hands. No sooner did I see it in the box, then it was upon my head and I was rushing around looking for the librarian saying, “It’s a flying pig.” Miss Linda embraced my unbridled enthusiasm. She smiled at me as I announced, “I am definitely going to make a story about this one.” Thinking all the while how I had grown up hearing the phrase ‘when pigs fly,’ a figure of speech that means a complete impossibility for something to ever happen.  Right then and there I knew I would write a story to show the world that not only can pigs fly, they can prove dreams really come true.

Animation Coming Soon

Amazing Petunia's Adventures

Anthologies Featuring the Author
Coming in 2022

A Witch's bash

(The 12 hours of halloween)



Published Books & Poems

    • A video representation of an original poem was presented at “The Just Listening Event” by The Missouri Arts Council.


    • A creator of many of her tales she has self published one of her original stories, “Amazing Petunia’s Adventures,” and it is
      available on Amazon.


    • Judy is currently working to make “Amazing Petunia’s Adventures” into  a children’s animation series.


    • Launching later this year “Twas Midnight” and “Why, Oh Why, Did A Witch Swallow A Fly?” Both Halloween tales for the Trick-or -Treat season. 


    • In the National Poetry Celebration Anthology by the Raritan Valley Federation of Libraries three years running.


    • Poem & short story in “Love on the Edge” Mindful Writers Retreat Series


    • Poem in the Greater Lehigh Valley’s Writers Group (GLVWG) Anthology titled “Rewriting
    • the Past.”

Performance Venues

  • Chennai (Online Festival)
  • LVSG Family Series (Online)
  • Worldwide Virtual Storytelling
    (African Folktales: Anansi & Aesop)
  • Woodbridge Library – Storytelling 101
    (Online Workshop)
  • Cherry Hill Library – New Jersey Tales
    (Online Storytelling Event)
  • 12th Storytelling & World Music Festival
  • New Jersey Storytelling Festival
  • Bergen County Zoo 
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • CopsNKids 
  • Zoellner Arts Center
  • Grounds for Sculpture
  • Willowsford Conservancy
    Dark Sky Event (VA)
  • Bobcaygeon Music Council
    Canadian Summer Program
  • Union County Performing Arts Center 
  • Red Mill Museum
  • Timberline Lake Camping Resort
  • National Canal Museum
  • Kipona Festival
  • Rahway Winter Wonderland
  • Middlesex Historic;
    Old Town Village
  • Newark Downtown Event
  • Das Awkscht Fescht
  • Various Tellabrations,
    including as a featured Olio teller.
  • The Ice House
    (Topsy Turvy Tuesdays).
  • AARP various chapters


Children | Family Friendly | Adult/Senior

Will adapt most programs for the specific needs of the event.

Perhaps have a story created just for you, or for your special occasion.

In Person & Online Programs


  • Changing How You See The World
  • Find Your Voice
  • Developing the Story from Within
  • Storytelling Principles
  • Antibullying
  • Assorted Stress Relief
  • Paradigm Shifting

Online Live Programs

  • All Hallows Eve Tales
  • Animal Antics
  • Fairy Tale Fun
  • Judy’s Jacket
  • Original Tales
  • Storytelling 101
  • Tales for Tiny Tots
  • Trickster Tales
  • Winter Wonderland

Coming Soon

  • Around the World
  • Greek Myths
  • Holiday Themes
  • Irish Tales
  • Jack Tales
  • Jersey Tales
  • Seasons of Stories
  • Spooky Stories
  • Tall Tales
  • Wild West
  • World Tales

Pre-recorded Programs

Currently Available

  • All Hallows Eve Tales
  • Animal Antics
  • Fairy Tale Fun
  • Jersey Tales
  • Judy’s Jacket
  • Storytelling 101
  • Tales for Tiny Tots
  • A Shared Gift (Christmas Tales)

Coming soon

  • Anansi Tales
  • Jack Tales
  • Original Tales
  • Spooky Stories
  • Trickster Tales
  • Wild West
  • World Tale


NJ Tales
Folklore & History
Currently Available Online

“Judy blended folklore, legends, and history  to present a performance that was dynamic, entertaining, and informative! It was amazing to see her become Mrs. Leeds, the mother of the Jersey Devil, and offer a dramatic interpretation of the origin of the Jersey Devil. The performance was online through Zoom and she used that format to enhance her story telling. It was a thoroughly enjoyable time for all ages.”

Candace Worrell

MLIS | Librarian | Cherry Hill Public Library

Family Stories
For The Young at Heart
Available Online or in Person
Personal Stories
Currently Available Online

“We appreciated Judy’s dynamic and informative virtual program!
She gave our patrons a lively presentation with a wonderfully personal touch. Her ability to adapt her interactive program to fit the virtual landscape was beautifully achieved.”

Najea Grimes

Library Associate | Woodbridge Public Library

Story Voice
Currently Available Online

“Excellent and so helpful” 

“Great Program” 

“I’m so glad that we were able to use the breakout rooms for this session they really add a nice dimension to the workshop, working with the material, and other tellers learning the craft” 

“She was definitely one of the best presenters and would enjoy taking other classes from her.” 

“I learned so much!” 

“LOVED IT. Learned so much. And Judy is a great teacher as well as a great presenter. Lots of insights that gave me a slightly different perspective–I always love that. Am going away thinking differently than when I came in.” 


Story Center | Mid-Continent Public Library



Just Listening Ferguson
The Just Listening Project took shape in 2014 as a community response to social justice in Ferguson, Missouri. The Missouri Humanities Council and the University of Missouri came together to do this joint project and it was screened in February 2016 at the University of Missouri Saint Louis. This video is my contribution to that project and was showcased at the event and focuses on art as a reaction to tragedy as a form of activism.


Her stories are filled with elements of humor, wisdom and magically unfold sharing with the listener life’s truths. Relive the Wild West; learn how the tortoise got his shell. Audiences both young and old will be entertained with her joyful telling.

Thank you for sharing your energy, talent & knowledge of Annie Oakley during our Tea Fundraiser. Your amazing storytelling skills brightened the room. We are so blessed & honored to have you perform. 

Donna Keeney

Co-President, Open Arms Inc, Toms River, NJ

Judy England-McCarthy’s lively, expressive and dramatic style keeps the entire audience enchanted – here is a performance not to miss!

Linda Hansen

Library Director, South Plainfield Public Library

Judy’s stories on the Old West painted an unforgettable image of the life and times of the pioneers. Her rendition of Annie Oakley was especially entertaining.

Joanne Stivale

Legislative Chairperson AARP

You are such a natural talent. I hope you will continue to bring your gifts to other schools and libraries. I would recommend you to anyone!

Donna Bode

Children's Librarian Rahway NJ



Workshops can be adapted for any age group.

Use storytelling as a fun learning tool to engage the minds and hearts of your listeners.  Learn new ways to help tell stories effectively. Everyone will be so caught up in the fun they won’t know that they are actually learning important aspects of putting together a story. This workshop has lots of practical hands-on work for the participants to do. By the end of the workshop the groundwork for building and telling a story will be firmly in place, with the tools on how to put your own spin on it.

Storytelling Principles

This workshop allows people to
focus on a theme, create small touchstones to use as tools and
set about through the use of story
to encourage their listeners or audience to understand the theme and bring it into their lives.  Stories are broken down into the basic components and the participants are taught the skills to understand what a story is made up of and how to put one together.  Please wear comfortable clothes.  All material is supplied by instructor.

Building a Story
From the Ground Up

The participants will learn the skills necessary to present an idea using a story that engages the minds and hearts of their prospective listeners. There will be lots of practical hands-on work that will teach ways to help tell stories effectively to their intended audience.

Developing the Story
from Within

This workshop allows people to focus on a theme, create small touchstones to use as tools and set about through the use of story to draw in their listeners or audience.
It teaches the skills to understand what a story is made up of and how to put one together. Using themes
to bring meaning into
their stories.

Find Your

Find  ways to help tell stories effectively and find your personal style. There will be lots of practical hands-on work for you to do, with the opportunity to put your own spin on it. By the end of the workshop the groundwork for building and telling a story will be firmly in place.  Use storytelling as a fun learning tool to engage the minds and hearts of your listeners.

Interaction through Themes

Using small touchstones and other tools, we will focus on a theme, learn to build a story and learn how to direct it towards a select audience.

Thinking Out of the Box

Learn to expand the role of storytelling from entertainment to educational. Collaborative discussions, Facilitator-led discussions, building on other’s ideas in a team effort with activities to learn better listening skills and recognizing cues of others.

De-stress & Relax

Learn how to relax and de-stress with some basic techniques. Good for people of all ages. Requires no fancy equipment, or preparation other than a few minutes of time and the willingness to practice.Available for businesses, schools & great for Senior Centers most workshop/presentations programs can be geared towards the needs of any organization.

Changing How You See
The World

This is a game changer for anyone who wants to gain insight into perspective and change how they see the world. It explores shifting paradigms and ways to interact more fully with each other. Through the use of stories, props and games the participants learn how to unleash their imagination and communicate their own personal story, in fun ways, with others.

Paradigm Shifting
for Better Understanding

Ability to spark and enhance critical synergy and creative energy by focusing on skills of observation, motivation and paradigm shifting with a team building emphasis. Using stories to gain insight into how we see the world. Shifting our paradigms to interact more fully with each other. The workshop helps the individual find a fun way to better communicate.

for the following groups
  • Woodbridge Library
  • South Plainfield Library
  • Boscov’s Department Store
  • NJ League for Nursing Convention
  • AARP Linden Chapter 
  • South Plainfield Library
  • First Unitarian Society of Plainfield
  • Mother’s Center of Central NJ
  • BPU
  • Program Leader JFK MRMC nursing
    boot camp
  • Pregnancy workshop UMDNJ

No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.”  Aesop

This workshop is proactive rather than reactive to the issues of inappropriate behavior. Through interactive storytelling the participants look at and see where, why and when inappropriate behaviors occurs in the story. Participants get the opportunity to come up with alternatives that might make for a more positive outcome. Finally, the participants must take on a new behavior and choose ways to implement it over the following week. In the follow up workshop discussion of what transpired for participants is processed. This workshop incorporates  using story to change the paradigm in a positive way.

The students truly enjoyed their engaging experience that they encountered with Judy. She told the students meaningful stories with an education theme.

Maria Melillo

4th Grade Teacher, Carteret Board of Education

The theme of kindness truly spoke to the students. They took the assignment very seriously and were constantly talking about how they could show an act of kindness.

Sharon Christie

Reading Teacher, Carteret Board of Education



Expression without words is the universal language.

Mime at block party

"Judy England-McCarthy as a mime at a street fair in Bethlehem PA. She was very entertaining and engaging, moving through the crowd and interacting well with both adults and children."

Stephanie Stover
NE Ministries

Fund Raiser
Children’s Dyslexia Centers of NJ

"We invited Judy England-McCarthy as a mime for our summer Fund Raising BBQ event for the Children’s Dyslexia Centers of NJ. The children and adults alike loved her UNSPOKEN humor and wit, as she delighted the guests around the room."

Kevin W. Engemann, Chairman of the Board
Children’s Dyslexia Centers of NJ-Scotch Plains Campus.

Trinity Episcopal Church Event

"Judy England-McCarthy a popular, engaging storyteller to children, has brightened the outreach efforts of our Trinity Episcopal Church in Bethlehem for three consecutive years, beginning with a joint program on music for the children at the Northeast Ministry in 2014. In 2015, she did double duty as a storyteller and mime at our July Market Street Fair Storyteller's Pavilion. In 2016, she performed as a mime at the NE Ministry Block Party in June and as a Storyteller at our four part Children's Story series for the NE Ministry Summer Camp in July and August. She is a mainstay of cooperation enjoyed by Trinity and the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild."

Canon Mother Laura Howell
Obl.S.B., Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church, Bethlehem, PA.

Street Patron

"I think the mime was very clever and on the spot creative dealing with children of all ages. In particular she was patient with an adoring but annoying fan (a ten year old boy) who kept following her around."




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